Conservatories: What is a conservatory?

What is a conservatory?

A conservatory is a room with glass walls and a glass roof, which is attached to a house. According to the Department of Environment, a conservatory is defined as “a building that has not less than 75% of its roof area made of semi-transparent material, and not less than 50% of its wall area made of glass.” A conservatory is also referred as a place to store something, i.e., food. It can be used as greenhouse also.

The conservatories are used in UK homes to make them look elegant, i.e., attractive, graceful, stylish and multi-functional. A conservatory can be made of expensive woods like oak, maple, mahogany, cedar and modern materials like plastic or glass. Plastic or glass conservatories are more popular because they provide maximum insulation for heat and are important for energy efficiency.

There are different types of conservatories used by homes in UK. These four type of conservatories are famous for their elegant exteriors and classic designs.

1. Victorian Conservatory:
This type of conservatory has elegant interior and exterior finishes that made with aluminium.

2. Gazebo Conservatory:
This conservatory is a small roofed building providing shade and rest. It is an ornamental garden pavilion, designed to allow light and air inside it. Gazebo conservatory is constructed of light metal or wood.

3. Georgian Conservatory:
Georgian architecture was the style of the 18th century, especially from the reign of King George I who ascended the throne in 1711, into the reign of King George IV. In residential settings, Georgian design as the red brick house, with courses and cornices of white stone and trimmings of white painted woodwork, is best example of Georgian design still prevailing in the 21st century. With the early Georgian period, the conservatory itself was first fashioned by the Dutch as a way of protecting plants from harsh winter conditions. In little time, the conservatory was introduced in the British Empire and became a standard fixture in the splendid Georgian mansions constructed during the reigns of the four King Georges.

4. Edwardian Conservatory:

This conservatory is structured with 45 degree corner facets and have beautiful ceilings which are usually made of stained glass. An Edwardian conservatory is constructed with convectional styles.

Another type of conservatory which is best for sunny regions is the Sunroom kind which has unique architectural designs with beautiful framed windows and multi-lock mechanisms on their doors. Sunroom conservatories are constructed with polycarbonated roofs for increasing insulation and light diffusion control.

Conservatories are usually versatile. It can also be used for different purposes according to season. During hot summer, a conservatory can allow fresh air to enter while keeping insects out. They can also be made into greenhouses because they are built to absorb the external warmth around them and release it inside the room. The other rooms on homes which are not frequently used can also be made into sunroom and can be controlled with their cooling and heating system.

Lastly, the conservatories not only add up extra room for UK homes but also makes the home more valuable because the real estate brokers usually put high values to these homes due to their versatility, elegance and convenience.